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What's Biople?



「自然のものに囲まれて、オーガニックライフを送る人たち」を表すためにBioなPeople=Biople(ビープル)というワードが生まれました。この場所に足を踏み入れたなら誰もが「Biople(ビープル)」になれる。それがBiople by CosmeKitchenです。


ビープル バイ コスメキッチンで、オーガニック・ライフスタイルが広がります。

Built on a concept of having people realize that organic products provide a greater sense of familiarity

The word Biople is formed by combing Bio and People, describing those who "live an organic life, surrounded by nature."Anyone who sets foot inside this place can become a "Biople". That is the core tenet of Biople by CosmeKitchen.

Biople forms a new door for those who react in some form to something that looks "cute," "charming" or "delicious" to step through to enter an organic life. By creating a comfortable space that values the shopping style that each customer enjoys, a greater number of people will find it easier to come into contact with the benefits that organic products have to offer … What they find here will enrich their own mindset and lives, little by little …
We are expanding the potential for an organic lifestyle through Biople by CosmeKitchen.

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